Magnetic Drive System

Magnetic Drive Pumps

A magnetic drive pump uses a magnetic field to create the rotation of the impeller (or any other device utilized to displace fluid). The external magnet is muonted on the motor shaft. The liquid end consists of pump impeller (or any other device used to displace fluids) and an internal magnet mounted onto the driven shaft which is supported by bushing assembly and hermetically sealed by containment shell. Without the need of a mechanical seal.
The external magnet begins to rotate when the motor is started. The rotating magnetic field effects the inner magnet which begins to rotate the impeller as the same speed of the external magnet to displace the fluid

How the system work

High power synchronous magnetic coupling designed by our Technical Office and with rare earth magnetic elements mechanically locked.
The high performance magnets can be operate at high liquid temperatures without external cooling.


Magnetic drive pumps offer a series of superior advantages over mechanical seal pumps

  • Pump is sealless guaranteeing operational safety for operators and environment, most of all in case of critical, hazardous, corrosive or expensive chemicals pumping.
  • Without mechanical seal, both initial costs of the same and cumbersome auxiliary API flushed plans are avoided.
  • For the same reason, pump selection, operation and maintenance are much simpler and less expensive than mechanical seal.
  • Ability to heandle high gas content fluids in which most mechanical seals would fail due to poor lubrification and cooling.

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